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2020 Ocean Springs Girls



Please do NOT use your phones to submit your registration.  


US Lacrosse Membership Requirement

ALL players are REQUIRED to have a US Lacrosse membership.  This is MANDATORY. If your player does not have a US Lacrosse membership number, she CANNOT register to play or be on the practice field. 

You must have a valid US Lacrosse membership to register.  Please follow the links below BEFORE you begin the registration process. 

  • To register/renew a US Lacrosse membership:
    • Fees: $35 for HS players. $30 for all others.
    • US Lacrosse Membership is valid for 1 yr & includes a monthly subscription to US Lacrosse Magazine for 12 mo. (unless you opt out)
    • Once registered, please send a copy to   so we can update our records.
  • To look up your US Lacrosse number or expiration date: (You'll need this info to register)

Registration Fees

Registration Fee Schedule

OSGL Registration Fees


Officials, Tournament & Registration Fees


Cost Per Player


Registration Fees can be made in payments if needed.  Please see the options below.

  • Payment Schedule1
    • Dec. 11th = $84.00
    • Jan. 11th = $83.00
    • Feb. 11th = $83.00
  • Payment Schedule2
    • Jan. 11th = $125
    • Feb. 11th = $125
  • Payment Schedule3
    • Paid in Full by Feb. 11, 2020

*Please contact me regarding fees if needed.  I CANNOT assist you if you do not communicate with me.

OSGL registration fees DO NOT include transportation, food or room costs for any out-of-town, overnight, or local tournaments/games, player equipment, uniforms or US Lacrosse membership fee. These costs are additional.


Players are responsible for providing their own equipment. 

  • Required Equipment:
    • Stick
    • Goggles (NO deBeer lacrosse goggles)
    • Mouth guard (NOT clear)
    • Cleats (soccer cleats are perfect)
  • Recommended Equipment
    • Tennis Shoes
    • Field bag


Uniform sizing and ordering will take place at our parent meeting on Wed. Dec. 11th.  There will be a 6-8 week turn around once we order.  So to ensure we get our uniforms in time for our first game we will be on a firm deadline when placing the order.

If you can’t make the meeting and need another option for try –on/ordering please email me so we can figure something out.  It is not our intention to leave ANYONE off the order.  However, communication on your part is going to be necessary.

Uniform prices are as follows:

  • Jerseys: $38.00
  • Kilts: $35.00

TOTAL uniform price: $73.00

* This cost does NOT include the shorts that go under the kilt.

It is not necessary to order a new uniform every year.  If you want to use your uniform for multiple seasons make sure the size you order this year will still fit next year.  These are good quality uniforms. 

* Parents, please make sure your daughter orders the correct size uniform.  Players (NEW or RETURNING) will NOT be allowed to play in a uniform that is too small.  

Uniform payments are due in FULL by Jan 11th.

Season Schedule

  • Our regular season schedule will run from Jan to early May.
  • We are currently working to finalize our 2020 season schedule.  Once our schedule is intact it will be sent out. 
  • Please keep in mind, the schedule is subject to change. IF changes have to be made we will let you know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

Practice Schedule & Location

Jan-May Practice Schedule << CONFIRMED

  • Days: Tues. & Thurs.
  • Time: 5:30-7:00 
  • Field Location: Gay Lemon Field

Practices ~ From Coach Chris & Coach Liz

  • ALL players need to be DRESSED; equipment ON, hair done, phones up and ready to START practice AT 5:30.

Missing/Late Practice 

  • Please come to practice PREPARED and ON TIME. 
  • If you are going to miss practice or be late, please text Coach Chris or Coach Liz to let them know.
  • Both coaches will give their numbers to all players once we start season practice.

Equipment-What to bring to practice

  • Stick
  • Goggles
  • Mouth piece
  • Appropriate clothing/shoes
  • Field bag (if needed)
  • Water/drink
  • NO phones, IPods or other electronic devices are allowed on the field or during practice time (5:30-7:00pm).

Parent Involvement - Parent Volunteers

Parental involvement and volunteers are a HUGE part of our season.  We understand not everyone is available to help.  However, if you are able to assist please contact us and let us know. 

  • Fundraising
  • Game/Tournament set up/clean up
  • Score/Stat keepers
  • Drivers
  • End of Season Banquet
  • Concessions
  • Anything Needed



  • Ours:    Please feel free to contact us at any time.  Questions, comments, concerns are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Yours: Please contact me with email address changes & phone number changes.  I can’t keep you informed if you don’t keep me informed.  

Facebook Group Page

  • Ocean Springs Girls Lacrosse!  -- This is a CLOSED group. Please shoot me an email AFTER you request to join the Facebook group page. Otherwise, if I don't recognize your name, I will not accept your request to join.  Sorry, just trying to keep the crazies out.
  • Our FB group page is for players, parents, guardians to stay up to date with the latest team info.  Ladies, I will NOT approve your boyfriends or friends to the group. 
  • 99.9 % of emails sent out will also be posted to the FB group page.

We appreciate your support of Ocean Springs Girls Lacrosse.  We look forward to seeing you on the field this season.  Have a great day!!



Only parents/legal guardians can enter registration information.